What’s Grits and Biscuits?



If you hear people talking about Grits and Biscuits these days, chances are they are not talking about the famous southern breakfast but instead the well known southern inspired party that is making a stamp on the North coast.

For the 3rd time this summer a the traveling party company, Grits and Biscuits will be bringing a dirty south wave to New York City. Grits and Biscuits is a southern inspired party that is held at random throughout major cities who may not be able to experience the southern party atmosphere as those in Atlanta, Georgia for example. According to a Black Enterprise interview, the idea came from three southern individuals who ended up in New York and simply missed their style of partying. Erika ‘E.Z.Mo Breezy’ Lewis, Alzo and Maurice Slade came from North Carolina, Florida and Texas respectively, noticed a lack of southern inspiration in the party atmosphere and decided to start the Grits and Biscuit party.



With their catchy name and carefree party style this party has taken the city by storm. Through and email blast from the Grits and Biscuits website, one will discover the when and where a party will be hosted, normally seen on a southern inspired food label, like the one seen below.





With incredible growth since the first ever Grits and Biscuits party, the party is visited by every and anyone who enjoys a night of twerkin’ or who is interested in a change in their regular party routine. One may find young professionals to college students to celebrities dancing and sweating the night away. This weekend, on what is Grits and Biscuits 3rd anniversary of their summer party, go and figure out what the big deal is, but be warned wearing your favorite pair of heels, that cute bowtie, those nice loafers or that dress that simply won’t allow you to pick up a flyer from the floor, will probably not be in your best interest. Like all southern parties, the simpler you dress the more fun you will have as everyone is expected to sweat the night away.


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